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August 8, For centuries, the number 8 has been considered a lucky number in Chinese culture symbolizing prosperity and success!

Plus the number 8 is in the shape of an infinity sign, symbolizing your forever bond with your love. So get married on a double 8 day: Saturday, August 8th, and have double the luck on this special summer day! Follow Us. Best Wedding Dates for February 20, What a fun and quirky date? Ready to send out your save the dates?

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⑥ Numerology Number 6. Secrets of your Birthday

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You are officially signed up The first issue is already sent to your inbox. Well, your wedding date life path number can give you similar insight into the future of your marriage, such as what the partnership will be like or what traits will be valued most in your relationship. Something to consider when picking a date is the type of wedding you want to have. Are you looking at a big family affair or a small ceremony? Is this wedding traditional or more spiritual? If you and your partner have children from previous relationships and your marriage will create a blended family, have the date add up to a 6 or a 9.

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  7. Some numbers are natural matches while others are toxic—and you do not want a toxic number surrounding your wedding. The solution is easy: If your life path numbers are toxic matches, try finding a number that is common ground for both. You can also insert your life path numbers into your wedding date so you both get to feel the vibrations of your number.

    So if your 3 life path marrying an 8 life path, August 3 or March 8 may just be the perfect day to tie the knot.

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